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  1. Marine stuns a tea party with the fourth verse of the star spangled banner
  2. Ray Stevens - God Save Arizona
  3. 2016 The Movie
  4. Live Tea or Die? Is the US Military Preparing To Quell the Tea Party?
  5. Michigan's War on Wieners & Entrepreneurs: City Shuts Down Young Man's Hot Dog Stand
  6. Bodies in Motion: Women at the 2012 London Olympics
  7. Reagan Speechs
  8. WTF?!!! US Flag Dropped ON CUE! NOT an Accident! WAKE UP!
  9. Land of The Freebies, Home of the Enslaved
  10. Libs Find Super-Sized Shovel To Dig A Deeper Hole
  11. Jananao
  12. Michael Savage: Marshal Law by Executive Order aired 8/23/2012
  13. Operation Terror
  14. The Obama Deception HQ Full length version
  15. Gunny & Glock - Wrong Diner - Extended Version
  16. The Revelation of the Pyramids
  17. 911 9/11 Limited Budweiser Commercial
  18. Budweiser Commercial (Snow Fight)
  19. ZoNation with Alfonzo Rachel: The Democratic Party's Long History of Racism
  20. George Carlin the illusion of freedom
  21. Nanny State: Public Nudity Ban
  22. Let Me Tell You What Offends Me Damit!
  23. The Warrior Song - Leviathan
  24. The Warrior Song - Hard Corps
  25. The Warrior Song
  26. Madison Rising
  27. If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Clean Audio Version)
  28. President Trump at the United Nations 19 Sept 2017