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  1. The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style
  2. NOV Election Ballots to be counted in Spain
  3. Not on Facebook, you could be a Psychopath
  4. The scandal that takes down Obama’s Presidency...we have heard this before!
  5. Favorite Conspiracy Theory
  6. Election, if it happens.
  7. Obama, what is he?
  8. Privacy is going
  9. You Could Lose Your Right to Sell Your Own Stuff
  10. Conspiracy in the Ozarks??
  11. Apology
  12. Some Things to Consider
  13. Shootings, a tool of the left??
  14. The Grand Unifying Conspiracy
  15. New Pope Equals End of the World
  16. Let's hear a big " We told you so"
  17. Did he get suicided for his story?