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  1. *** FYI *** Trifexis: Pet owners say their dogs died after taking popular heartworm preventative

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    Just a FYI for pet owners

    TAMPA, Fla. - Kiley Shultz says her healthy, 12-year-old golden retriever, Apollo got sick the day after his third monthly dose.

    Shultz is one of a growing number of pet owners who blame a popular flea and heartworm preventative for killing their dogs.

    The I-Team combed through reports filed with the Food and Drug Administration. We found 965 complaints where owners blamed their dog's death on Trifexis in the last three and a half
  2. Your Local Shelter Wants You!

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    You donít have to be an animal expert to help out at your communityís shelter. You just need to have the time and desire to lend a helping hand. And it doesnít have to be a lot of time, either. In fact, whatever you do for a living, youíre bound to have skills and talents your local shelter can use.
    1. Go to school

    Dog school, that is. Grab a handful of tasty treats, find a suitable canine and get to class. Helping teach shelter dogs to sit, stay, walk calmly on