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Thread: What pets do you have?

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    LMAO honey your cat sounds like my sons cat Cheeto (yes I forgot to mention the cats as I am not the cat person my kids are, not that I hate cats but I wouldnt own one)

    Cheeto and Zeus are brothers from the same litter. Cheeto is the oldest and Zeus is the runt. Cheeto is so fat that you pull your back out when you pick him up (Figure of speech) . My daughter picks on him all the time. She teases him like sometimes he is drinking water and she pokes on the back of his head and Cheeto turns around and pfft her. LOL He'll be coming around the corner, unsuspecting of what she is going to do, and all she does is moves her foot and he jumps five feet in the air and looks at her like "Just wait until you're sleeping, missy. I got you." She squirts him with the squirt bottle and he comes off the floor. She loves him as we all do and it is all in fun. Cheeto loves laying on his back and you scratch his belly. Most cats dont like that but Cheeto loves it. Cheeto is the family clown.

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    I have like 8 or 9 right now... I have a family that owns a horse ranch that might take all but 2 or 3 of them... My favs are Momma Cat (Gato is her name), Snoddy is last year's litter's runt and he looks like he is 4 months old when he is over 18 months... I would prolly also keep Smirky, which is a male from last year and only reason I would keep him is noone can pick him up, non less catch him even... I think when he was a kitten, his momma took him and the other around the neighborhood and someone kicked him. If that happened, I would LOVE to get my hands on that person and kick them a few times to see how THEY like it.. He NOW allows me to SOMETIMES pet him when I feed him. But I have to corner him. If I dont, he runs away LOL

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