Registering an account for this forum is as easy as 1-2-3

First, scroll up to the top of this page.. You will see a link bar in the upper right carner. On the far right you will see Register (which takes 30-45 seconds) and on the left side of the link bar, you will see Facebook Connect image

IF you have a Facebook account, you can register thru the Facebook Connect image (just click on it). I think it is 2 steps and takes a whooping 10 seconds. The advantage of Facebook connecting, is it takes certain fields from your facebook profile and puts them into your profile here. Also, when you START a thread here, you can 'Publish to Facebook (just check a box next to submit button). It also works with replying too.. Your option. All that does is post on your front page that you replied to or started a thread here on this forum.

If you are like me, and have Facebook constantly messing with my posting abilities, this bypasses those for the most part and allows you to post anyway... Unless of course Facebook bans you, but even if they did, your account here is still good

Now, if you have a Facebook account, but DONT want to create it using connect yet, as long as you register with the same email you used for Facebook, you can link the accounts at a later date

Make sure anytime you do use FB Connect, you are currently logged into your FB account... Otherwise it will ask you for your FB Username (email) and password

The forum software itself does not keep ANY of your information about FB...