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Thread: Shootings, a tool of the left??

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    Shootings, a tool of the left??

    It seems to me that the recent outbreak of shootings may be planned or at least encouraged by the radical left, in most cases the shooter had liberal leanings of course you don't see this reported by the mainstream media.

    An exception to this is the Christopher Dorner, they do mention his leftist leanings but they spend more time talking about his race and military background. Why you ask? The left hates the military worse than they hate conservatives and by playing the race card they can sort of justify his actions. The MSM tends to neglect the fact that most of these shooters were on drugs for mental issues of some sort. They want people to think we have a gun problem rather than a mental health problem. It is very easy to point at a black gun that has certain features and claim it is the cause.

    So what we have is an administration and its followers who will stop at nothing to to destroy the Constitution and the first thing they have to get rid of is the Second Amendment in order to control us. Once we are disarmed the rest will be simple to dismantle.

    Think it is not so, look at martial law being declared in several Northeast states during the recent blizzard. How were people treated who checked into FEMA shelters after Hurricane Sandy? They were not allowed communications with the outside world according to those who went to the shelters. Folks we are already starting to see this country transformed into a police state.

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    Well, they FINALLY realized they are not brought about because of the Right, Bush or Limbaugh, so they stopped that narritive... So they have to focus on other stuff since they have almost ALL been Lefties doing this

    WHEN are people going to WAKE UP and realize the gooberment is NOT their friend even if they are getting 'free stuff' from them ???

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