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Thread: Is The Obama Administration Weeding Out Military Brass That Will Not Fire On American Citizens?

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    Is The Obama Administration Weeding Out Military Brass That Will Not Fire On American Citizens?

    Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/02/is...ican-citizens/

    Heard lots about this in bits and pieces from people still in and it is even happening in the NCO ranks to some extent. The senior brass and enlisted who may still be in from the Cold War Era are punching out fast along with the Desert Storm types. I don't think this one rates as a conspiracy theory.

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    I have heard too much about this to be considered conspiracy too... But the media will say it is being spread by crackpots since their 'Messiah' is doing it... After all, if he was run out of office because of this, they would no longer get that 'tingle' running up and down their legs LOL

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